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What's this workbook about anyways?

I'll tell you! While I was getting my Certificate in Happiness Studies I learned that there are 5 main components to all around human "wellness." 

These components are the foundation to true happiness. 

With this Life Assessment Workbook you'll be able to measure where you stand with these 5 components so you have a clear idea of where to start on your path to a better life of true fulfillment and clarity. 

We all know life can get overwhelming... This workbook is the perfect way to check in with youreself and realign. 

For those of you who reached this page with an interest in business... I ask you this: 

Are you so passionate about your business that you feel it's an extention of you?

In my experience, most entrepreneurs (myself included) answer YES to that question. 

If that's also the case for you and you're not in alignment and well... how do you think that will affect your business?  

My goal, always, is to help align your life and business with the greatness and abundance the universe has to offer. I have done this for hundreds of clients and friends and it always works. But, it requires that you give yourself permission to put yourself first.  

Sounds crazy, huh?  

You have your family, your job, maybe you even have kids, and many have all those things AND a side hustle...  

Those things are all SO important! 

Yes. They are. 

But, you know what all those things depend on?  


So... Let's start taking care of you so you can take care of everything else, in alignment and well! 

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Remember, once you receive your workbook and fill it out, I would love to hear from you! Let me know how you did!

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- GiGi Diaz

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